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Sarah has ridden most of her life and currently focuses on dressage. As an instructor, she combines a thorough knowledge of human and equine biomechanics with an emphasis on approaching riding as a meditative art, involving mind, body and spirit. Sarah encourages her students to develop a true partnership with their horses, while assisting both horse and rider to release areas of tension or bracing, thereby facilitating greater harmony and relaxation. In addition to riding instruction, Sarah offers relationship coaching for humans and their horses, as well as equine-facilitated personal development and leadership training. She has worked extensively with master teachers, including Linda Kohanov and James Shaw, and is a certified Eponaquest MH Instructor and a Recognized Instructor of the ‘Ride from Within’ methodology. She has also participated in the USDF instructor certification program and the “L” judges’ training program, as well as pursuing advanced training in the Masterson Method of Integrated Equine Performance Body Work. Sarah is a student of Taoist Qi Gong, T’ai Chi, meditation and Celtic spirituality. She holds a PhD from Northwestern University and spent many years as a university professor before turning full time to riding and teaching. She is the founder of Anam Cara Equestrian and Anam Cara Coaching

Lessons, Clinics and Coaching
As a riding instructor, Sarah works with a variety of students, from beginners to experienced adults. Many of her clients are returning to a childhood passion after years away from the saddle. Although Sarah’s focus is dressage, her ‘Ride Mindfully’ approach is applicable to any discipline. She teaches at Nighthawk Equestrian Center in Longmont, CO, and is also available to travel to other barns in the Boulder/Longmont area for private lessons or group clinics. 

Sarah’s equine-facilitated coaching practice for individuals and teams is based at Medicine Horse in Boulder, CO, where she offers private sessions as well as a variety of experiential workshops designed to foster leadership through relationship. 

Contact Sarah at 303-817-2783 or sarah@anamcaraequestrian.com or visit the Anam Cara Equestrian / Anam Cara Coaching website at www.anamcaraequestrian.com.